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The intake is Free and will take 20 minutes. During the intake we decide if your goals are realistic and the intensity is required to obtain does goals:

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€70 / PT

The mentioned tariffs are including tax and traveling. This tariff is for the province Utrecht. Locations like Amsterdam are also possible, please contact us for the possibilities:

346 KG

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More Motion Personal Training provides training at your home, on location or in the gym. Our location is Utrecht, we also provide training courses in Hilversum, Soest, Amersfoort, Woerden, Houten and Zeist. Other locations are also possible in consultation.

More Motion Personal Training has developed a unique training method in which a mix of (kick) boxing, strength training and elements of yoga are applied. Depending on your objective, one of these facets can be emphasized.

Trainings methode

Our training method challenges the body on various fronts. This results in a better condition, more flexibility and a stronger body.
In addition, the training is never one-sided and as the weeks progress you will get more and more in a new pads training. 

Start Scan

Every body is different - what works for some, doesn't work for others. Therefore, before doing anything, we will assess your fitness level, body type, eating habits, injuries, goals and many other elements. From this scan we map out a route that ends at your final goal.

Road to succes

The training courses are adapted to experience and condition. Ideally, we work together for at least 12 weeks so that we can work responsibly towards your objective in three months. The objectives of our customers are diverse, whether it is about losing weight, getting stronger or getting in better shape, More Motion Personal Training assists you in achieving these goals.


Life is busy, hectic and the agenda continues to fill. After a working day, the sofa looks more comfortable, but if you have spent all day in the office and / or in the car, the sofa should be the last choice. A scheduled session with your trainer resists this temptation and gives your body and mind renewed energy.


"More Motion PT helped me with a change of mentality. From that point on, I take responsibility for the decisions I make on a daily basis regarding my diet and exercise"

"I trained alone for a while and there is no doubt that I achieved much more with More Motion PT than would otherwise have been the case"



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